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Who We Are

Luxe & You was established in 2020 and is currently based out of Gujarat, India. We have a Fashion Studio in Gujarat which everyone can visit 6 days a week. We arrange pop-up stores throughout India as well so we can meet and greet you and give you a glance of our avant-garde collection. 

It was in 2021 that our founder Vaishnavi Modi left behind a lucrative career in HR to satisfy an entrepreneurial itch. What resulted was a burgeoning business that changed the way women buy fashion in the country forever. 

Her approach that continually kept the customer at its core, swiftly amassed thousands of loyal followers who then urged us to craft an experience just as exciting in fashion. 

We are so happy that you found us and look forward to serving you with utmost quality and satisfaction.

What We Do

At Luxe & You we are committed, and it is our privilege, to give our customers the opportunity to wear the latest Global Fashion which is not available in India yet, or not at all. 

It makes us happy to see a smile on people's faces when unpacking their new fashionable/luxury apparel from such exclusive brands. We have built a long lasting relationship with many of our customers that keep returning to us with personal requests for such fashionable/luxury items. 

We are on the lookout daily for new releases across the globe, and we are always ready to give personal advice to whomever connects with us. We provide personalized shopping services to choose the right products and make customized styling decisions.

Our Mission

• It is our mission to bring the most exclusive fashion products to people’s homes and we strive to excel in our personal service.
• We want to make it affordable and comfortable to create the look you want to have.
• We are on the lookout for more durable ways to get the products in the hands of our customers and hope to create an environment with a less stock based catalog and therefore less carbon footprint, even if it supports the planet just that little bit.
• We also want our customers to be able to get what they want which is outside our catalogs and hence, we have a form for the same.
• It’s our aim to support sustainable fashion and we hope to bring more such services and products into our beautiful world.


  • While we offer a wide range of products that are not available in India, we place strong emphasis on curation. 
  • We identify fashion-forward brands in the global setting, vetting for style and quality, and further select styles within these brands to offer. 
  • We also place importance on selling full-price products, reducing reliance on discounting, and selling the latest season’s designs. 
  • In addition, we use digital content, personalized mobile experiences and proprietary recommendation algorithms, to build differentiated style-driven, discovery-led experiences for consumers.